ETF Action Beta Launch

etf action group shot

ETF action was founded by Mike Akins, Brian Burke and Alex Shepard on May 15, 2018 with the singular goal of creating a comprehensive research platform for ETFs.  Over the last six months we’ve been focused on securing data licenses and building the foundation necessary to fulfill this vision.  While still limited in scope, we believe the site now provides users a unique and valuable resource into navigating the vast ETF landscape.

As we continue to build out our platform, we’d like to offer free beta licenses to financial professionals active in the ETF space.  Beta users will receive full access to our gated website which currently includes daily market commentary, market segment performance using our ETF beta trackers, and advanced ETF screening and look-through analysis using the ETF Action Terminal.  In return, we will periodically solicit feedback on the best ways to optimize user experiences and continue to create engaging insights and system functionality.

To request a beta account please visit our subscription page and fill out the required inquiry form.

Thank you in advance to those interested in participating.  We are excited to move into this next phase of our venture and look forward to building out our vision of creating an actionable ETF research platform.


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